A World In Turmoil - 1941

Germany had conquered much of Western Europe. Japan had conquered Manchuria and all of the coastal ports of China. The World was poised to descend back into the Dark Ages with mass executions, genocide and tyranny - - but America was still officially neutral and most Americans wanted to keep it that way. President Roosevelt’s hands were tied. Or...were they???

What if America quietly allowed pilots and technicians to resign from the U.S. Military and fly and fight for China as she sought to stave off the Japanese invaders?

In a shroud of secrecy and intrigue, the American Volunteer Group was born. Adventurers, soldiers of fortune and idealists, these rough and ready men are known in the annals of history as the “Flying Tigers, “Yankee Bandits” and “gangsters.”

In the tradition of blockbuster political thrillers, "Hunt for Red October" and "Patriot Games", author/historian Alan Armstrong cleverly weaves historical fact, intrigue, and vivid characterization into his thrilling novel and companion screenplay, "Preemptive Strike".

Preemptive Strike follows icon Claire Chennault, the AVG commanding officer and his soldiers of fortune. Forced into early retirement, Chennault finds employment with a foreign warlord and flies combat missions in the undeclared Sino-Japanese War, eventually enlisting assistance from Roosevelt’s cabinet members, establishing a guerilla air corps with the money laundered through a series of “front” corporations. The catch? The guerilla air corps will be manned by American pilots flying in combat without the protection of the Geneva Convention, with the ultimate objective of bombing Tokyo and other Japanese cities – all BEFORE the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor.Their story and exploits are woven into the fabric of American folklore as a shining example of men who did “the right thing" in PREEMPTIVE STRIKE. (Alan Armstrong with revisions by John Lage)

In addition to writing Preemptive Strike - The Secret Plan that Would Have Prevented the Attack on Pearl Harbor, published by Globe-Pequot Press under its imprint: Lyons Press, Alan Armstrong has written a screenplay: Preemptive Strike. The screenplay portrays the efforts of Claire Chennault and his confederates (with the sponsorship of the Roosevelt Administration) to mount a campaign of secret air warfare against Japan before the attack on Pearl Harbor. The campaign envisioned mounting fire bombing raids and bombing attacks against Japanese interests to commence on November 1, 1941, over one month before Japan's preemptive strike on the Hawaiian Islands.

On July 23, 1941, President Roosevelt signed Joint Army/Navy Board 355 (the “Joint Board Plan”) which authorized the bombing of key Japanese industrial centers. The Joint Board Plan has remained an obscure and overlooked chapter in American history. Stone Phillips of ABC News on the 50th anniversary of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1991, did a story on the Joint Board Plan, but confessed that he did not know whether the Japanese knew of the American plan. We know far more today about the Joint Board Plan than Mr. Phillips did in 1991. For example, intercepted Japanese radio communications confirm that as early as May of 1941, even before Roosevelt signed the order, a spy in or near Chiang Kai-shek’s government, identified only as “PA,” disclosed to Japanese agents America’s ambitions to bomb Japan, under the auspices of the newly formed American Volunteer Group which became known as the Flying Tigers.

At the heart of this story of political espionage and intrigue is Claire Chennault, a fighter pilot and instructor in fighter tactics who had been banished from the Army Air Corps because of his heresy in disputing the conventional wisdom of the day that bombers were the supreme weapon in aerial warfare. Forced into early retirement, Chennault found employment as a mercenary flying in air combat for the Chinese Government. It is no small irony that both the Chinese and the American Governments believed that this washed out Air Corps instructor should champion the bombing missions against the Japanese Empire.

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