"They realize the necessity for keeping the thing quiet and will take due precautions.." 

- Memorandum from W.L. Keys to Navy Secretary Frank Knox
February 3, 1941


Secret Documents

Shown below are several declassified Secret Documents

(Above: Joint Board 355 Objectives and Flying Distances from Chinese bases to Japanese Targets.)

(Above: Outlined phases to the arming of China with American Aircraft.)

(Above: Joint Board 355 Secret Document folder.)

(Above: Letter from Robert Patterson, Acting Secretary of War and Frank Knox, Secretary of the Navy to President Roosevelt concerning recommendations to furnish China with bombers in preparation for attacks on Japan.)

(Above: Telegram from Lauchlin Currie to American Embassy in China for delivery to Madame Chiang concerning the go ahead for bombers being sent to China.)

(Above: Decoded radio message from Tokyo to Japanese HQ in Southeast Asia concerning Japanese knowledge of the bomber sale to China.  Radio intercept May 29, 1941 was decoded by American officials June 3, 1941)






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