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Alan Armstrong has written an aerial script entitled: The Battle of Midway which tells the story of heroism and sacrifice at a moment when the Japanese Empire was poised to complete its domination in the Pacific and threaten the Hawaii Islands with invasion. American grit and determination resulted in a numerically superior adversary being defeated. In 30 minutes, the balance of power in the Pacific shifted from Japan to America as three Japanese aircraft carriers were set ablaze by American pilots flying the venerated Dauntless dive bomber. Mr. Armstrong's aerial script will be performed at a number of air shows in the Southeastern United States. The cast of aircraft involved in the performance will include: a replica Zero flown by Capt. Jack Van Ness, the Kate operated by Japanese Bomber, LLC and flown by Alan Armstrong and a B-25 Mitchell bomber flown by Tom Reilly and Stan Bloyer. The cast will be rounded out with other aircraft such as two SNJ Texans flown by Captains Jim Buckley and Joe Fagundes. Depending on the location of the performance, there may be other or additional aircraft appearing in the show. The Battle of Midway performance is intended to raise the bar for air battle reenactments at air shows with dramatic music, narration and sound effects. It will, in effect, be "theater with airplanes."  Please consult our Air Show Schedule page on this website so you will know where you can witness a Battle of Midway air battle reenactment.

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The Mission of Japanese Bomber, LLC is to fly and display an experimental aircraft that depicts a Nakajima Model Number B5N aircraft, Allied Code Name “Kate” bomber.

The aircraft operated by Japanese Bomber, LLC is a 1943 SNJ-4 aircraft that has been modified to resemble the Nakajima “Kate” bomber.  The aircraft is available for operations and displays at air shows.  It is also available to the motion picture industry for film production work. 

Ever wondered what it's like to fly the Kate Bomber?  Read Kate Pilot and author Alan Armstrong's article 'What is it like to fly the Kate?' to get a firsthand account of the famous Warbird in action.

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NEWS FLASH - Alan Armstrong's book, Preemptive Strike-the Secret Plan that Would Have Prevented the Attack on Pearl Harbor, has been translated into Japanese by renowned journalist, Ko Shioya and was published in Tokyo by Nikkei Publications in Japan beginning in October of 2008.

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Sponsorships are available for companies who desire to sponsor the flight operations and appearances of the Kate at air shows and other appropriate functions around the country together with talks or presentations given by Alan Armstrong about his book, his flying and writing projects.

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