Project Development for Flying Tigers Motion Picture

Alan Armstrong has written a book and script entitled: "Preemptive Strike - The Secret Plan that Would Have Prevented the Attack on Pearl Harbor" which dealt with the activities of Claire Chennault in China during the Sino-Japanese War. The book also depicts, with dramatic content and action, the plans of the American government, using China as its agent, to initiate incendiary bombing raids on Japan from secret air bases in China, prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The book also follows the events surrounding the formation, recruiting and training of the American Volunteer Group (AVG). Persons with a serious interest in Mr. Armstrong's book and script may contact him. 

Persons with serious interest should contact Mr. Alan Armstrong.

Alan Armstrong discusses the American Plan to Bomb Japan before Pearl Harbor. View all three parts of his video below. (.wmv format requires Microsoft Media Player)

See Alan Armstrong in a Pearl Harbor Interview Video here!


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